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Forever Blossom LLC is the official authorized distributor of ePeak Active Face Mask manufactured by SHIN TEXTILE SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. (

In early February 2020, we opened our operation in Las Vegas under the name of Empress Floral.Co as a beautiful provider of preserved flowers in our plant in Colombia to many luxury hotels in Las Vegas. As soon as we were ready to provide our flowers to the hotels with a full line of the preserved flowers inventory, the lock down by Covid-19 started in the mid March, 2020. We knew that it would take long enough for the lock down, so started to look for a solution that would save us as well as the people in general. 

Fortunately, we were connected with a Korean Company called Shin Textile Solutions Co., Ltd., (hereafter Shints) and we could make a unique specially designed active sport masks with the help of Shints' Vietnamese manufacturing branch called Shints BVT Co., Ltd. 

Because Shints has a good market share to sell active sports masks in Korea with their new brand name called ePeak, we ended up agreeing to use ePeak Brand for this new mask in the US market by launching our website 

Empress Floral in Las Vegas, NV is open Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM PT. We ship orders 5 to 6 days a week. Please contact us with any questions or concerns by phone or email. 

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