Mask Branding

Personalized / Customized Face Mask. We can add initials, logo, and/or graphics to you order.



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    We selected this mask because it is called Fashion Mask by our customers. It is one of the most stylish masks in the market. We are here in Las Vegas to provide our beautiful flower products to beautiful weddings and high end events and the same team is making your personalized masks!

    The listing is for a personalized black mask.

    Small (A -Width 6” x B - Height 5.1”)
    Medium (A - Width 6.4” x B - Height 5.9”)
    Large (A - Width 6.7” x B - Height 5.9”)
    Extra Large (A - Width 7.2" x B - Height 6.1")

    *Please check the size chart in the images.

    We have 3 tiers based on how complex your design is. Submit your artwork and we'll print it on to your mask.

    •Tier 1: Initials. Up to 3 initials/letters. 1 color.

    •Tier 2: Simple graphics. Less than 3 colors.

    •Tier 3: Detailed graphics. More than 3 colors.


    In order for us to print onto masks. The mask's sanitary seal must be broken and the mask removed to be printed on. It will be resealed and sent to you immediately after the printing process finishes and dries. Masks with customization are non-refundable and non-returnable. All sales are final.

    *We have a right to use the image and item we print for commercial use.

    *International orders are held for one day. After being shipped items can not be refunded.
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    I love my order but one little mistake the number is in correction it 646 363 5537