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Lightweight Sports Face Mask | Purple | Machine Washable, Reusable, Anti-fog Glasses, Nose Wire, Ear Loops and Neck Strap | XS-2XL



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    Mask Features:

    •🌟KEEP IT CLEAN - 💦COLD WATER rinse with gentle soap.🧼 Machine washable. Air dry. 🌬💨
    •Lightweight and easy store in your gym bag, pocket or vehicle.
    •Streamline design (We can't say it makes you faster, but... 😉)
    •Total ear relief comfort strap.
    •Hook & loop sticky patch on the back of the neck keeps the mask steady and in place on your head.
    •Adjustable nose wire to get that perfect fit and reduce fog if you wear glasses.
    •Breathable! Fabric thin enough to still get good breaths even when you add a filter.
    •Sport print fabric made from: (92% Polyester/8% Polyamide)
    •Reusable! When taken care of the mask can last for many and multiple uses.
    •Machine washable
    •Filter Pocket - 1 Free Filter Included

    How to measure if this mask is a good fit for you.😷

    A•Nose Wire to the bottom of the chin is 4.8"
    B•Mouth to back of the ear is 6.5"
    C•Hook & loop fastener strap is 3.14"
    👁‍🗨Size chart in images✔

    SMALL 😷
    A•Nose Wire to the bottom of the chin is 5.31"
    B•Mouth to back of the ear is 6.73"
    C•Hook & loop fastener strap is 3.54"
    👁‍🗨Size chart in images✔
    *Thin fabric masks have a cotton filter pocket. Recommended for ages 12+.

    MEDIUM 😷
    A•Nose Wire to the bottom of the chin is 5.82"
    B•Mouth to back of the ear is 6.93"
    C•Hook & loop fastener strap is 3.93"
    👁‍🗨Size chart in images✔

    LARGE 😷
    A•Nose Wire to the bottom of the chin is 6.3"
    B•Mouth to back of the ear is 7.08
    C•Hook & loop fastener strap is 4.33"
    👁‍🗨Size chart in images✔

    A•Nose Wire to the bottom of the chin is 6.88"
    B•Mouth to back of the ear is 7.28"
    C•Hook & loop fastener strap is 4.72"
    👁‍🗨Size chart in images✔

    A•Nose Wire to the bottom of the chin is 7.4"
    B•Mouth to back of the ear is 8.46"
    C•Hook & loop fastener strap is 6.88"
    👁‍🗨Size chart in images✔

    *Please see images for size chart.
    **Please check the measurements on your head for a more accurate size.

    This listing is for the Purple Thin Fabric Active Mask.🟪

    This Active Mask is the ultimate way to exercise without having to adjust your mask. The streamline design with a hook & loop closure, filter pocket, and lightweight active wear fabric keeps you safe, secure and healthy during your workout or busy workday. Perfect for a job that requires constant movement and activity. Can use this mask with any kind of face mask filter out there. ⛑🏈👷‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ We've got you all covered. Literally!

    *We recommend to use this mask with a filter and change after every use.
    We have filters available in our shop.

    🗺 We ship WORLDWIDE. Shipped from the U.S.A 🟥⬜🟦
    📦Ships within 2 business days of order.🌎✈🚚📬
    *International orders are held for one day. After being shipped items can not be refunded.

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    We have other color options available in our store.🌈Please take a look.👀

    This mask was created and designed in America. The masks are produced in Vietnam. We receive them back and all shipping is done from our headquarters in Las Vegas, NV.

    📟📨 Send us a message if you have any questions.
    We're available and typically respond ASAP Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PT.

    **Non-Medical Mask. 🛑🔕
    All sales are final. We can not accept returns for face masks. Due to safety and hygiene concerns. Thank you.
    Before ordering, please double check your shipping address stored on ETSY. This is to ensure you receive your order from us ASAP!
    Our customer service and message response hours are Monday-Friday. 9AM-5PM PT.
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  • Reviews

    This is a perfect mask for me and I hope for my friend whom I ordered this one for. I have 3 already and love wearing them. Ears are not sore and have plenty of room to breathe. I wear this to the gym for exercise. Process for ordering was easy and shipping was quick. Great service

    So crappy. Terrible fit and didn’t fulfill its purpose

    The small was tight around the ears. Normally I fit a small fine, having a rather small head size. I imagine this was made with a child in mind. That said, the construction is great. I'd buy it again in a medium. :-)

    Third time ordering. Great quality, breathable, and easy to clean.

    True to color and size. I have a large face and this fits just right. Very comfortable, I can use it all day without discomfort.