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Ultimate Ear Saver Softies For Face Masks. (8 Pairs 1 Price) Soft And Gentle Fits Right Behind The Ears. Fits Most Masks With Rope Straps.



  • Details

    Tucks right behind your ears and holds the mask rope or strap for you. No more rope burn or cutting behind the ears.

    Comes in 2 colors. Pink and Gray. The Gray 8 packs are sold out. We have 8 pack Pink and Combo Pack 4/Gray/4/Pink available.

    If you would like to mix and match colors while ordering please send us a message at the time of purchase and we'll mix them up however you like.

    🚫Not for use with any Empress Flora masks. These are made for more traditional PPE Medical 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ face masks with rope-like ear straps. Please see the details in the pictures. Thank you.

    Shipped from USA!

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  • Reviews

    Item was as described. We did struggle a bit with keeping the guards aligned when putting on our masks but I would attribute that to user inexperience and impatience

    Very helpful when you have to wear your mask for long period of time.

    They work perfectly

    They haven’t worn them yet, but they are really well made and will fit the masks that I have great. Thank you so much!!

    It takes a little while to figure out how to fit them on your ears but it's easy enough. With practice, it will become quite easy. Very soft and you forget your mask is even strapped to your ears. I would buy again.